Sheikh Zayed Book Award announces longlist for Young Author

Abu Dhabi,

Abu Dhabi, December 21, 2012 – As part of its longlist announcements for its 7th session for the year 2012/2013, the Abu Dhabi-based Award named nine contenders for the “Young Author” title which recognizes the works and scientific theses of authors younger than 40 years old in fields of science, literature, culture, fine arts and humanities. The finalists were filtered out of a total of 298 nominations submitted this year for this category, reflecting a 24% of total nominations received. The Award’s Reading Panels concluded their work on more than 1262 works nominated for the Award’s diverse categories through September and October 2012. The “Young Author” longlist includes works from UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Syria with a colorful variety of genres including novels, short stories, historic biographies, cultural and literary studies, philosophy, and poetry critique: Book title Author Nationality Publisher 'Aisha tanzil ila Al 'alam al Sufli (Aisha descends to the Underworld) Buthaina Al ‘Issa Kuwait Arab Scientific Publishers, Beirut 2012 Nawares Che’ Guevara (The Seagulls of Che’ Guevara) Mariam Al Saa’di UAE Athar Publishing House, Dammam 2012 Asseera al-helaliya (the Hilali biography) Khaled Abu Alleil Egypt Library of Folkloric Studies, Cairo 2011 Mathaher al i'tiqad fe masr (A study of popular beliefs in Egypt) AbdulHakim Sayyed Egypt General Egyptian Book Authority, Cairo 2012 Al mita sard fil riwaya al-arabiya (Meta Narrative in Arabic Novel) Araa’ Al Jarmani Syria Dar Al Takween, Damascus 2012 Falsafat jeel dolouz 'an al wojood wal ikhtilaf ( Deleuze philosophy on Existentialism and difference) Adel Hadjami Morocco Dar Tobqal, Casablanca 2012 Tajalyyat al mawt fe shi'r al-mutanabbi (Manifestations of death in al-Mutanabi poetry) Bahaa’ Bin Nuwwar Algeria Dar Kana’an, Damascus 2011 Al ta'neeth fil lugha al-arabiya min manthour lisani muqaran (Feminization in Arabic language from a comparative linguistic perspective) Kamal Al Saqi Morocco Dar Tobqal, Casablanca 2012 Madrasat al mustaqbal fil watan al-arabi (future school in the Arab motherland) Hiba Mohammad Egypt Dar Alaalm-Alarabi, Cairo 2012 Meanwhile, the Award’s judging panels work is in progress since November 11, to evaluate the long listed books. The assessment results will be collectively evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Award to produce a short list which will again be evaluated to choose the winner of each category. The winners are scheduled for announcement in March 2013. The award comprises of nine categories where the total monetary prize stands at seven million UAE dirhams. Each prize consists of a gold medal bearing the SZBA logo, a certificate of merit and 750,000.00 Dirhams. The Cultural Personality of the Year winner receives a prize of one million dirhams.