Sheikh Zayed Book Award Announces Longlist for the ‘Translation’ Category for its 17th Edition

Abu Dhabi,

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA) of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC), part of the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), has revealed the longlisted titles in the ‘Translation’ category for its 17th edition (2022/2023).

The Award received a total of 230 submissions this year, marking a 55 percent increase from the 148 submissions received last year. The longlist includes 11 works translated from English and French into Arabic, submitted from six Arab countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria.

The six books translated from English to Arabic on the longlist are:

  1. Aasr al-Ilm: Matha Taallama al-Ulamaa’ fi al-Qarn al-Ishreen (The Age of Science: What Scientists Learned in the 20th Century), authored by Gerard Piel, translated by Hussein Sabit from Egypt, published by the National Centre for Translation in 2021.
  2. As-Sariqa min al-Muslimeen (al-Sarasin): Kayfa Shakkalat al-Aamara al-Islamiya Oropa (Stealing from The Saracens: How Islamic Architecture Shaped Europe), authored by Diana Darke, translated by Dr. Amer Chaikhouni from Syria/USA, and published by Arab Scientific Publishers Inc. in 2022.
  3. Al-Liberaliya as-Siyasiya (Political Liberalism), authored by John Rawls, translated by Naoufel Haj Ltaief from Tunisia, and published by Jadawel Publishing, Translation and Distribution in 2022.
  4. Dawr al-Aalam al-Aarabi fi Nahdat al-Gharb: Al-Athar al-Muhtamala fi al-Aalaqat al-Tathaquifiya al-Muaasira (The Role of the Arab-Islamic World in the Rise of the West: Implications for Contemporary Trans-Cultural Relations), authored by Nayef R. F. Al-Rodhan, translated by Dr. Monirah bint Abdullah AlMadhi from Saudi Arabia, and published by King Abdulaziz Public Library in 2022.
  5. Al-Ibara wa-al-Mi’na: Dirasat fi Nathariyat al-A’amal al-Lughawiya (Expression and Meaning: Studies in the Theory of Speech Acts), authored by John R. Searle, translated by Chokri Al Saadi from Tunisia, and published by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs - Tunisian Institute for Translation in 2021.
  6. Mujaz at-Tareekh at-Tabiei lil-Hadara: Li-Matha at-Tawazun bayn at-Taawun wal-Munafasa Hatmi lil-Bashariya (A Brief Natural History of Civilisation: Why a Balance Between Cooperation and Competition is Vital for Humanity), authored by Mark Bertness, translated by Sahar Tawfiq from Egypt, and published by Al Mahrousa Centre for Publishing, Press Services and Information in 2022.

The five books translated from French to Arabic are:

  1. Shaja’at al-Haqiqa: Hukm al-That wa-Hukm al-Akhareen (Le Courage De La Vérité), authored by Michel Foucault, translated by Zouaoui Beghoura from Algeria, and published by Mominoun Without Borders Publishing and Distribution in 2021.
  2. Ath-Thaqafa bil-Jamea: Siyasat Thaqafiya Jadida (La Culture Au Pluriel), authored by Michel de Certeau, translated by Mohammed Chaouki Zine from Algeria, and published by Al Rawafed Culture and Ibn Nadim in 2022.
  3. Kitab Sibawayhi: Turuq al-Riwaya wa-Taqalid an-Naql (Les Voies De La Transmission Du Kitab De Sibawayhi), authored by Geneviève Humbert, translated by Mourad Tadghout from Morocco, and published by Institute of Arabic Manuscripts in 2021.
  4. Al-Imbratoriya al-Khatabiya: Sinaat al-Khutaba wal-Hajaj (L’Empire Rhétorique: Rhétorique et Argumentation), authored by Chaim Perelman, translated by Dr. Lhoussine Banouhachim from Morocco, and published by Dar Alkitab Aljadeed in 2022.
  5. Sarraq al-Kalimat: Bahth fi al-Intihal wa-Eilm at-Tahleel al-Nafsani wal-Fikr (Voleurs De Mots: Essai Sur Le Plagiat, La Psychanalyse et La Pensée), authored by Michel Schneider, translated by Abdelaziz Chebil from Tunisia, and published by Dar Zayneb Publishing in 2022.

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award is a literary prize that honours the outstanding achievements of innovators and thinkers in literature, arts, and humanities in Arabic and other languages. It aims to support the translation movement by recognising and honouring authors who write about Arab culture and civilisation in various languages.