Longlist announced for Sheikh Zayed Literary Criticism Award

Abu Dhabi,

Abu Dhabi November 4, 2015 – The Sheikh Zayed Book Award announced today its longlist for the Arts and Literary Criticism Award for its tenth cycle. Twelve titles were selected from a total of 151 nominations in the same category. The nominees come from 12 Arabic speaking countries predominantly from Morocco, Tunisia, Cairo and Iraq, in addition to nominees from three non-Arabic speaking countries; Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. The longlist included a variety of works ranging from studies in architecture and historical constructions, arts, to scientific research in linguistics and the Novel. Title Author Nationality Publishing details “alyat intaj al nas” (Text production and Semiotics) Abdellatif Mahfoud Moroccan Al Naya Publishing, Beirut 2014. “al qudsi wal dunyawi fi al sard al ‘arabi” (Sacred and earthly accounts in Arabic Narrative) Mustapha Ennahal Morroccan Dar Bou Regreg, Rabat 2014. “balaghat al khitab al iqna’I” (The Rhetoric of Persuasive Discourse) Hassan Elmouden Moroccan Dar Konoz Al Marefa For Publishing & Distribution, Amman 2014 “al fikr al ‘adabi al ;arabi” (Arabic Literary Thought) Said Yaktine Moroccan Difaf Publishing, Beirut 2014 “al lugha wal jasad”(Language and Body) Zanned Lazhar Tunisian Dar Nippur, Iraq 2014 “al fakah fi qisas karamat al sufiah”(Humor in the Sufism) Asma Khoualdia Tunisian Difaf Publishing, Beirut 2015 ‘madakhel ila qisasiyat al ma’ana” (Introductions to the narrative of meaning) Mohamed Khabou Tunisian Aladdin Library, Tunisia 2015 “The Typography and Urban Evolution of Cairo” Ayman F’uad Sayyid Egyptian General Egyptian Book Organization 2015 “tahadiyat al naqed al mo’aser” (Challenges of the Contemporary Critic) Gaber Asfour Egyptian Dar Al Tanweer, Beirut 2014 “Al sardiyyat al maddada” (Antinarrative) Maan Altaie Iraqi Arab Institute for Research and Publishing, Beirut 2014 “tahawolat al fan al-tashkili fil urdon” Plastic art Changes in Jordan from disengagement to Arab Spring. Iyad Kan’an Jordan Arab Institute for Research and Publishing, Beirut 2014 “Nazariiyat al Khitab” (Theory of Discourse) Abdelwasea Al-Hemyari Yemen Arab Diffusion Co. Beirut, 2015 Last week, the award announced 15 titles selected under the Literature Award Longlist. The announcements will continue on a weekly basis for the remaining awards.