“Fine Arts” Prize Redefined to Include Works of Criticism

Abu Dhabi,

“Fine Arts” Prize Redefined to Include Works of Criticism In a series of reformations addressing its scope and categories, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award announced redefining its “Fine Arts” award to include art history and criticism and literary criticism. Starting this cycle 2012/2013, the category -renamed to “Literary and Art Criticism”- accepts nominations of studies and analytical works in theatre, poetry, narratives, history of literature and literary theories, in addition to books in various forms of visual arts such as music, cinema, architecture, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, photography and digital arts. Bin Tamim explained that fine arts is shifting towards a focused approach across all genres, in lights of the evolvement of the contemporary literary and aesthetics theories; this equally transformed the nature of the current interpretations, analysis and written works of criticism, and consequently encouraged the Award to redefine the “Fine Arts” category to better match the dynamics of nominated works.