Announcing the Winner for Publising and Distribution

Abu Dhabi,

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award announced the Egyptian “Nahdet Misr Publishing and Printing” winner of its “Publishing and Distribution” Award in its fourth session 2009/2010. The Award’s Advisory Council’s recognition came due to the efforts of “Nahdet Misr” in promoting the Arab culture that extends over more than six decades in printing, publishing and distribution. The veteran House’s portfolio includes a variety of topics and genres, counting general knowledge and literary fiction, children’s books, books for children with special needs, and educational textbooks. “Nahdet Misr” is also the exclusive agent of Cambridge University Press and Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition. The Secretary General of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, Mr. Rashed Al Oraimi, also announced that the Award’s Advisory Council decided to withhold the Prize for “Best Technology in the field of Culture” again for the fourth year in a row. Al Oraimi explained that the submitted works did not fulfill the necessary criteria of the Award. “The Sheikh Zayed Book Award recognizes the serious implications of withholding this category for the fourth year, and is currently studying several options to renovate it pending the approval of the Award’s Higher Council” Al Oraimi elaborated. With this announcement, Sheikh Zayed Book Award wraps up its list of winners for its fourth session for 2009/2010. Winners were announced in batches over a period of five weeks starting January 16th by the Award’s Secretary General, Mr. Rashed Al Oraimi, representing the Award's Higher Council. The prestigious list of the nine winners in the Award’s nine categories comprised of: