18 March Marks the Biggest event of the year

Abu Dhabi,

Abu Dhabi, March 15, 2009 – These are quite busy times for Sheikh Zayed Book Award as it is currently preparing for its Third Yearly Awarding Ceremony, according to Mr. Rashed Al Oraimi, the Secretary General of the Award. The Largest Cultural Event that Abu Dhabi hosts will be held at the Emirates Palace next Wednesday and bring together a global assembly of literary and cultural figures as well as representatives of major political entities and diplomatic missions.” Mr. Al Oraimi added that Sheikh Zayed Book Award aspires –as part of its vision and mission- to revive the Arabic culture and literature. “We are proud to be honoring the major contributors to the Arab Culture, those dedicated intellectuals whose works lay the grounds to bridge Arab and western civilizations.” Sheikh Zayed Book Award also revealed that it will be hosting a “Chat” with its 2009 Winners during Abu Dhabi International Book Fair on the 17th of March. The session will include the Egyptian novelist Jamal Al Ghitani, Bahraini Professor Baqer Al Najjar, the Algerian Academic Youcef Oughlici and the Egyptian translator Sa’ad Maslouh. The session will be moderated by Dr. Ali Al Noaimi, member of the Advisory Committee of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award. In addition, the Award is preparing for a series of book salons/seminars parallel to the events of the Book Fair. Mr. Al Oraimi elaborated: “We will host a seminar on the Book and the Art of Production, joining renowned names such as Maher Rady, 2009 Winner of the Fine Arts Category, Mr. Ahmad Allubbad, the Egyptian artist, and the infamous calligrapher, Munir Al Sha’rani, from Syria.” Another seminar will discuss the distribution of Arabic books, in the presence of Mr. Adnan Salem –one of the pillars of the book publishing and distribution industry in the region, and Mr. Mohammad Rashad, founder of the winning Distribution House, The Egyptian-Lebanese. Professor Pedro Montavez, Sheikh Zayed Book Award’s winner of the Cultural Personality of the Year Category will also participate in a seminar about bridging the gap between the Arabic and Spanish cultures. Professor Montavez will be accompanied by Professor Carmen Ruiz Bravo, member of the Advisory Committee of the Award, while Professor Salah Fadl, the Egyptian Academic with extensive experience in Arabic-Spanish translation, will be the seminar’s moderator. The Sheikh Zayed Book Award was established in October 2006, in memory of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, who served as the ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of the UAE for more than 30 years. It is an independent cultural award established under the patronage and support of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage. The award The award is supervised by a Higher Committee and an Advisory Council that manage a rigorous award selection process.