150 Nominations Registered in Sheikh Zayed Book Award’s “Best Contribution to Development of Nations” Category

Abu Dhabi,

Dr. Al Najjar: "The category is crucial for the works of Arab scholars" Abu Dhabi, July18, 2012 – The Sheikh Zayed Book Award, announced it has received 150 nominations to date in the "Best Contribution to the Development of Nations" Category for its seventh session of 2012 / 2013. The nominations in the named category covered various fields of research counting history, economy, and political sciences. Over the past six years since the inception of the Award, four scholars have been named winners of this category, which consists of works in the fields of economics, sociology, management, politics, law and theology that contribute to nation's advancement. Dr. Bashir Al-Khadra from Jordan was the first to be awarded for his Book "The Prophetic - Caliphate Pattern in the Arab Political Leadership and Democracy" in 2007, followed by Dr. Baqer Al Najjar from Bahrain in 2009 for his book "Democracy in the Arabian Gulf". Later in 2010, Ammar Ali Hasan from Egypt won the category's prize for his book "The Political Establishment of Sufism in Egypt", and lastly Dr. Abdul Raouf Sinno from Lebanon joined the winners' league for his book "Harb Lubnan 1975-1990" in 2011. Dr. Baqer Al Najjar walks down the memory lane as he remembers the moments of his win of Sheikh Zayed Book Award back in 2009, saying"Winning the Award of Best Contribution to the Development of Nations came as a pleasant surprise for me, it re-ignited my career in researching the politics of the region" Al Najjar mentioned. "In the league of all Arab Prizes, Sheikh Zayed Book Award enjoys a colorful scope of intellectual creativity it recognizes, in addition to the objectivity of its judging procedure, and its renowned brand. The Best Contribution to Development of Nations Award carries an eminent value to Arab scholars" he added. Meanwhile Dr. Abdul Raouf Sinno recalls the joy that filled him once he was named winner of Sheikh Zayed Book Award: "The Sheikh Zayed Book Award has an elite reputation within the Lebanese academic community, as it is throughout the rest of the Arab World. It sheds the light on extremely important works for Arabs in the region, which adds to the value it brings independent from any outside influences, it is a prize which awards the best minds and its rich record only strengthens my opinion " According to Sinno, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award succeeded in reaching out to Arab scholars and academic researchers through its "Best Contribution to the Development of Nation" Category; "The Award enjoys a high caliber of judging process characterized by it's confidentiality and meticulous selection of winning books. I encourage all researchers to step up to the challenge and nominate their works in this race towards honor and recognition." Over the past six years the Sheikh Zayed Book Award has recognized the creative literary and cultural achievements of more than 40 entities, including the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO which was named the "Cultural Personality of the Year" in the Award's last session. UNESCO joined The Award's hall of fame alongside Brill Publishing House, Paju Book city, HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi; Novelist Wacini Laredj; Professor Pedro Martinez Montavez; Novelist Ibrahim al-Kouni; Orientalist Chung Jikun, and many more.