Islamic Theology and Society: Arab and German Perspectives

Date: May 28, 2021, 19:00 - 20:00
Location: Live Webinar on Litprom's Youtube Channel

"Freedom of action", worldly and divine "justice", "human responsibility": These and other concepts have been and are still essential to scholarly debates in Islamic theology (‘ilm al-kalam), shaped by societal and political development and events. 

In our panel discussion, we explored the complex interrelationship between theology and society in both the history of classical Islam and in our contemporary world. Starting point for our discussion was the outstanding monograph “Islamic Theology in the Studies of German Orientalists, with particular focus on Josef van Ess’ oeuvre” of last year's winner of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, Iraqi historian of religion Haydar Qasim at-Tamimi. How do Iraqi and Arab scholars perceive the contributions of German Islamic Studies to the study of Islamic theology, and what are the central topics and debates both in Iraq and the Arab world and Germany regarding Islamic theology and society?

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