Adel Imam: Emirates has assumed an honored status in cultural and tourist field

“In Celebration of culture and the combination of tradition and modernity is the secret of the Emirates excellence” thus that’s how the great actor Adel Imam summed up, the situation of United Arab Emirates today, saying that. I have have very strong relationships in UAE, of course, has been honored during the past ten years in the festivals of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, more than once, and other cultural events, and they always race and invite all Arab artists, it’s also a country above the excellent in all events organizations that entered before, recent events have impressed me last year, has visited also this year, i already had shoot a film of “Al Sifera Fi Al Emara”, and found substantial assistance and strenuous efforts of officials to facilitate our work; because they love the Egyptian people, they have allowed us to shoot in many places without Restriction; this people are “hospitable” by nature, is no different from the Abu Dhabi international Book Fair , which has become the most important international book fairs in the region each year, which is also witnessing a major effectiveness Sheikh Zayed Book Award. I participated in many events, in which I have been honored in many arts festivals , of course , as well as cultural events , including the Sharjah International Book Fair in 2014 , where you have to participate in several seminars and private cultural evenings.

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