About Saeed Hamdan Al Tunaiji

An acclaimed journalist and columnist, Saeed Al Tunaiji earned a BA in Political Science and General Management from the United Arab Emirates University before embarking on a journalism career with the daily UAE Arabic newspaper Al Khaleej.

Al Tunaiji’s break as a columnist came in 1990 when we was commissioned for a weekly column by the Arabic Dubai-based daily Al Bayan, where he worked until 2003.
In 2004, Al Tunaiji return to the Al Khaleej team, this time with his own dedicated daily column ‘Mosaic.’ In 2012,

Al Tunaiji joined the Abu Dhabi-based Arabic daily Al Ittihad as an Opinion Editorial columnist while at the same time serving as Media Manager for the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. In 2014, Al Tunaiji was promoted to be General Manager of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award.

Al Tunaiji’s literary contributions include a book entitled Min Wa Ila A’maq Al Watan (From and to the Depths of the Nation), which is a compilation of numerous published Al Bayan commentaries, and Akhtaa’ Sahibat Al Jalala (The Mistakes of Her Majesty) published by the Arab Institute for Research and Publishing and Min Wahi Al Shii’r Al Imarati: Qassaed Wa Shu’arah Wa Hikayat (Inspiration from Emirati Poetry: Poems, Poets and Narrations) published by the Emirates Writers Union.

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