About Dr. Mohammed Bennis

Dr. Bennis is a Moroccan poet and one of the most important figures in modern Arabic poetry.
The author of more than 30 published poetry, prose, essay and translation works, Dr. Bennis’ key achievements include his 13 penned poetry collections, two volumes of poetic works encompassing studies on Moroccan poetry and modern Arabic poetry. His work has been published in numerous newspapers and reviews all over the Arab World and some of his poetic texts have been translated and published in collective works, reviews and newspapers in Europe, the United States and Japan. Dr. Banis’ poetry collections and books been translated and published into French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Macedonian.

Dr. Bennis has received numerous literary awards from Italy, Tunisia, Morocco and the UAE and his most recent published works include the ‘Seven Birds’ poetry collection penned in 2011 and ‘Damaged Modernism’ in 2012.

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