About Professor Dr. Kadhim Jihad Hassan

Iraqi-born Dr. Hassan now lives in France where he is a faculty member at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) in Paris and a lecturer at the Paris Sorbonne and other universities.
An expert in languages, modern philosophy and French literature, Dr. Hasan’s passion for Arabic led him to specialise in Arabic and comparative literature. Dr. Hasan has many publications to his name, both in Arabic and French, varying from volumes of poetry, critical essays and translations of literature and philosophy. Dr. Hasan directs and manages the Kalima translation project’s French youth literature selection process which has seen more than nine volumes being published. Dr. Hasan’s own published critical reviews in French include: Le Roman arabe and Sindbad/Actes Sud; La Part de l’étranger and Le Labyrinthe et le géomètre – a literary essay on classical and modern Arab literature.

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