About Dr. Dheya Abdulla Al Kaabi

Dr Dheya Al Kaabi is an assistant professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Bahrain, specialized in Literary Criticism and Narratology. She received her MS and PhD in Arabic Language and Literature from University of Jordan. She has more than 13 years of experience in academic teaching.

Dr Al Kaabi received the first prize in the field of criticism and critical Studies in theatre and arts. She heads the quality assurance committee and is member of several strategy and editorial committees in Bahrain University.

Under her publications, she has two books and numerous research papers on literary and critical issues; including; ‘The Discourse of Feigning Madness in the Old Arabic Narrative Works: A Reading of Cultural Representations.’ Arab Journal for the Humanities, Academic Council University of Kuwait (2008), ‘The Arab Practice Criticism in Modern Arabic Criticism: Deconstruction of Methodological Foundations and Mechanisms of Reception and Interpretation’ .University of Jadara, Jordon (2009), ‘Polemic Discourse in Arabic Culture’ Beirut (2014) and ‘Arabic Oral Narratives,’ Beirut (2014).

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