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Cultural Personality of the Year 2012

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO


The Award was granted to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO - for its key role in preserving the global cultural heritage free of prejudice or discrimination, for embracing inter-cultural communication among peoples since 1945, its efforts to sustain and promote human welfare, its contribution to world peace and sustainable development of education, the sciences, culture, communication and information. Specific mention was made of UNESCO’s efforts in growing world knowledge of Arab culture and in encouraging greater mutual understanding between Arab and other cultures, by promoting dialogue and exchange.

About the Cultural Personality of the Year

Since its inception in 1945, UNESCO has notched up major achievements in terms of heritage, conservation, the definition of human arts and cultures, and by contributing generously to the spread and dissemination of education. All of these tangible achievements touched several countries, benefiting all people and were aligned to the guiding UNESCO principles of the protection of cultural diversity, preservation of cultural memory, and the right to education, knowledge and creativity.