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Young Author 2023

Said Khatibi


Said Khatibi, Algerian writer Born on December 29, 1984, in Bou Saada. Graduated with a Bachelor in French Literature from the University of Algiers, then obtained a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies from Paris 3 University. He has published translations, including Baiidan 'an Nejma (a translation of the poetry of Kateb Yacine) and Madar El Ghiyab (an anthology of Algerian short stories written in French), and participated in the translation of The Encyclopaedia of African Cinema. Khatibi published A’ras El Nar (on Raï music), and his book Abartou El Massa' Hafiyan included dialogues with key Francophone writers. To date, Khatibi has released four novels and has been active in cultural journalism since 2006, working and living in Slovenia since 2016. He has been awarded the Arab Journalism Award, Ibn Battuta Prize for Travel Literature, and has been shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF).

About The Book

The novel exhibits imaginative characteristics, stylistic originality, and narrative proficiency in the genre of detective literature. It skillfully arranges events and utilizes storytelling techniques, making it a noteworthy addition to the scarce historical detective novels in modern Arabic literature that cater to younger readers and encompass various societal settings. The text is distinguished by its eloquence and seamless flow, keeping the reader engaged without pause or tedium.

Published: 2022

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Said Khatibi

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