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Young Author 2022

Dr. Mohamed Al-Maztouri


Dr. Mohamed Al-Maztouri is the Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature at the College of Arts and Humanities, Al Qasimia University in Sharjah. He previously taught at the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities of Manouba University in Tunisia, from which he holds a doctorate summa cum laude, specialising in ancient Arabic poetry. He has published numerous articles focused on Arabic literature and literary theory. He graduated from the École normale supérieure de Tunis, then the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities - University of Manouba, Tunisia.

About The Book

The author of this book presents a serious academic study of bedouinism in ancient Arabic poetry. He discusses its diverse concepts and many manifestations, describing it as a culture with special landmarks and a lifestyle inseparable from the place, environment, and geography. The author explains how bedouinism became one of the pillars of ancient Arabic poetry, from the pre-Islamic period until the fourth century Hegira, according to a clear methodology that relies on addressing bedouinism’s main and sub-themes.

Published: 2021

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Dr. Mohamed Al-Maztouri

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