Zayed Book Award reveals short list in ‘Literary and Arts Studies

Abu Dhabi,

Abu Dhabi 16 March 2016- The Sheikh Zayed Book Award announced today three titles short listed in ‘Literary and Arts Studies’ category for 2016 cycle, of which two are from Egypt and one entry is from Morocco. The first title, “The Typography and Urban Evolution of Cairo” by Egyptian historian Ayman F’uad Sayyid, published by the General Egyptian Book Organization, 2015, is a study of the evolution of urban planning in the city of Cairo since the Islamic Ages till present day and its connection to the development of political, religious, social, economic trends of the people who ruled Egypt. The study uncovers the impact of the rulers and politicians who played a major role in the development plans for Cairo. It is supported by a photo album and a number of historical maps illustrating the urban development process. The second title, “Tahadiyat al Naqed al Mo’aser” (Challenges of the Contemporary Critic( by Gaber Asfour, from Egypt, published by Dar Al Tanweer, Beirut 2014, provides an accessible introduction to Arab contemporary literary theory and criticism. It offers modes of criticism within their historical and intellectual contexts in addition to close readings of the major European and Anglo-American critical texts and their impact of Arab criticism movement. As for the third title, “Al fikr al ‘Adabi al Arabi” (Arabic Literary Thought) by Said Yaktine from Morocco and published by Difaf Publishing, Beirut 2014, it combines between the history of the Arab contemporary criticism, Arabic literature and Arab literary thought. The study aims to introduce literary and critical practice in areas of study related to linguistics include semiotics. After the announcement of short lists in  Literature, Children’s literature, Translation, Contribution to the Development of Nations and today the Arts and Criticism categories, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award will continue the rest of the short lists within the next few days leading up to the announcement of winners.