Zayed Book Award Longlist Announced for ‘Literature’ Category (2018/2019)

Abu Dhabi,

Abu Dhabi, November 26, 2018: The Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA) today announced its Literature Category longlist for its 13th edition, with 13 titles chosen out of the 382 nominations which were received in the category since last May. The nominations came mostly from Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Out of the 13 competing titles, the long list includes three works published by Al Dar Al Masriah Al Lubnaniah, Cairo;

A poetry collection entitled ‘La Arany’ (I Don’t See Me) by Egyptian author Ahmed Al Shahawi, published in 2018;
A Novel ‘Esmy Fatima’ (My Name is Fatima) by Egyptian writer Amro Al Adly, published in 2017;
A Novel ‘Al Yad Al Dafe’a’ (The Warm Hand) by Palestinian writer Yahya Yakhlif, published in 2017
In addition, the list features three more Novels published by Nofal- Hachette Antoine, Beirut;

‘Terter’ (The Sequin Embroidery) by Iraqi novelist Nizar Abdelsattar (2018);
‘Ard Al Mo’amarat Al Sa’eeda’ (Land of Happy Plots) by Yemeni author Wajdi Al-Ahdal, published in 2018;
‘Share’ Salem’ (Salem Street) by Norwegian author Nizar Agri, published in 2017;
Furthermore, two more Novels on the list are published by Jadawel Publishing, Translation & Distribution:

‘Al Warda Al Qatela’ (The Deadly Rose) by Saudi author Ibrahim Shehbi, published in 2018;
‘Ghawaso Al Ahqaf’ (Divers of the Empty Quarter) by Saudi novelist Amal Al Faran, published in 2016
And two more titles on the list are published by Dar Al Adab Printing, Publishing & Distribution:

A poetry collection entitled ‘Korsy Ala Al Zabd’ (A Chair on the Sea Foam) by Lebanese author Mohammed Ali Chamseddine, published in 2018;
A Novel ‘Bareed Al Lail’ (Night Mail) by Lebanese novelist Hoda Barakat, published in 2018
And the remaining titles are as follows;

A novel ‘E’mt Sabahan Ayatoha al Harb’ (Good Morning War) by Syrian/French novelist Maha Hasan, published by Almutawassit Books, 2017.
The autobiography ‘Al That Bayn Al Wujood Wal Eijad’ (The Self- between Existence and Creation) by Moroccan novelist Bensalem Himmich, published by Book Cultural Centre for Publishing & Distribution, 2018.
A novel entitled ‘Al Nabeetha’ (The Castaway), by Iraqi author Inaam Kachachi, published by Dar Al Jadeed, 2017
The ‘Literature’ and ‘Young Author’ categories received the highest number of submissions for the sixth year in a row with 382 and 365 nominations respectively. Further announcements on longlisted titles in the rest of categories will be made in the coming few weeks.