Zayed Book Award Longlist Announced for Literary Studies (2017-2018)

Abu Dhabi,

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA) today announced its longlist for “Literary and Art Criticism”, selecting seven titles out of 123 nominations received in the category.

Out of the seven works, the category longlist includes two works published by the Arab Institute for Research & Publishing, Beirut: ‘seerat al-‘anqa’: min markaziyyat al thoukoura ‘ila ma ba’d markaziyyat al onoutha’ (The Life of the Phoenix: from phallocentrism to postfeminist centrism) by Syrian academic Asmaa Mouikel (2017) ‘ma ba’d qaseedat al-nathr: nahwa khitab jadeed lil sha’riyyah al-arabiyah’ (Post Prose Poetry Era: Towards a new discourse for Arabic Poetry) by Egyptian scholar Sayed Elsisi (2016) The remaining titles are as follows; ‘fi balaghat al- hajjaj: nahwa balagha hajjajiyyah litahleel al- khitab’ (The Rhetoric of Eloquence), by Moroccan scholar Mohamed Mechbal, published by Kunooz Al Maarifa, Amman (2017) ‘al-ta’rikhi wal sardi fil riwaya al-arabiyah’ (Chronicles and Narrations in Arabic Narrative) by Iraqi critic Fadhil Thamir, published by Ibn Al Nadim, Algeria (2017) ‘al-kitaba wa bina’a al-shi’r ‘ind Adonis’ (The Writing & Poetry of Adonis) by Tunisian scholar Omar Hfaiedh, published by Dar al- Saqi, Beirut (2015) ‘al-‘alamat wal ashya’: kayf no’eed iktishaf al ‘alam fil khitab?’ (Signs & Things: how to rediscover the world through discourse?) by Egyptian scholar Abdelfattah Youssef, published by Dar Al Rawafed Al Thaqafiyyah / Ibn Al Nadim, Algeria (2016) ‘tatweer al-harf al-arabi wa tahaddiyat al- awlama’ (Developing the Arabic Letter ahallenges of Globalization) by Moroccan academic Abderrazzak Tourabi, published by Institut d'Etudes et de Recherches pour l'Arabisation - Mohammed V University, Rabat (2015) Last week marked the announcement of the Award’s longlist in the “Literature” and “Young Author” categories. Further announcements on longlisted titles in the rest of categories will be made within the coming few weeks.