Sheikh Zayed Book Award Longlist Announced for “Literary and Art Criticism” & “Translation”

Abu Dhabi,

Abu Dhabi, October 1, 2014 – The Sheikh Zayed Book Award announced its long-list of entries contending to win the prize for two of its categories; “Literary and Art Criticism” and “Translation”. Fifteen books have been filtered under both categories after the Award’s Reading Panels concluded their work. The “Literary and Art Criticism” longlist includes seven books with diverse topics, ranging from studies in poetry to scholarly research reports in literature, narration and Arabic discourse. The works came mostly from Morocco with the other two from Iraq and Egypt: Book title Author Nationality Publisher Al Qas fe hatha al zaman (Story telling in these times) Gaber Asfour Egypt Al Dar Al Masriyah 2014 Masa’el al She’rieh fil Naqd Al Arabi (Poetic Questions in the Arabic Criticism , A Study in Criticizing the Critique) Mohammed Jassim Jbarah Iraq Centre for Arab Unity Studies (2013) Balaghat al iqna’ fil Munathara (Articulacy of Persuasion in Discussions) Aadil Abdellatif Morocco Difaf/Dar al Aman/Editions el Ikhtilef (2013) Nazariyat al -ta’weel al-takaboli“ (Theory of Linguistic Contrastive Interpretation) Mohamed Bazzi Morocco Difaf-Dar /Editions el Ikhtilef 2013 Al Riwaya Al Arabiyya Al Jadeeda (The New Arab Novel) Brahim El Hajri Morocco Al Naya (2014) Al Kitaba wal Ajnas (Writing and Literary Genres) Houria El Khamlichi Morocco Dar Altanweer- Beirut/ Dar Al Amane- Morocco (2014) Falsafat Al Soora (The Philosophy of Image) Abdelali Maazouz Morocco Afrique Orient (2014) The books in the “Translation” category included eight works, of which six are translations to Arabic from English, French and Spanish; the other two are works in Italian and Japanese translated from Arabic works: Book title Translator Nationality Publisher Espania bishakl Jali (The historical logic of Spanish countries; authored by Julian Marias) (translated from Spanish) Ali Menufi Egypt Kotob Khan 2014. Al Siyasa al Muqarana (Comparative Politics by authors Bertrand Badie and Guy Hermet) (translated from French) Izzeddine Khattabi Morocco Arab Organization for Translation (2013) Ibn ‘Arabi by Claude Addas (translated from French) Ahmed Essadki Morocco Dar al Madar Al Islami (2014) Historic Typography of Medieval and Ancient Syria, authored by Rene Dessaud (translated from French) Issam Chehadat France / Syria Presses De l’ifpo (2013) A History of Anthropology by Thomas Hylland Eriksen (translated from English) Abdou El Rayess Egypt National Center for Translation (2014) “Who’s View of Life? Embryos, Cloning, and Stem Cells” authored n by Jane Maienschein (translated from English) Omar Al Ayyoubi Palestine Center for Arab Unity Studies (2013) L’arco e la Farfalla (Mohammed Achaari’s The Arch and the Butterfly) (translated to Italian from Arabic) Paola Viviani Italy Fazi Editori, Rome (2012) Naguib Mahfouz’s Palace Walk, Palace of Desire and Sugar Street (translated to Japanese from Arabic) Hanawa Haruo Japan Kokusho kankokai (2013)   Last year, Mohammad Al Mansouri from Tunisia was named winner of Translation Award for translating “Housing the Stranger in the Mediterranean and the Middle Ages” (by Olivia Remie Constable, Cambridge University Press, 2003). The award comprises of nine categories where the total monetary prize stands at seven million UAE dirhams. Each prize consists of a gold medal bearing the SZBA logo, a certificate of merit and 750,000.00 Dirhams. The Cultural Personality of the Year winner receives a prize of one million dirhams.