16th Sheikh Zayed Book Award Announces Shortlists for Translation, Arab Culture in Other Languages, and Publishing & Technology Categories

Abu Dhabi,

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award at the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre, part of the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, has announced the shortlists for the Translation, Arab Culture in Other Languages, and Publishing & Technology categories for its 16th edition.

From a longlist of 10 entries, three candidates have been shortlisted in the Translation category:
  • Dr. Ahmed Aladawi’s (Egypt) translation from English into Arabic of ‘Nash’at al Insaniyat Einda al Muslimeen wa fi al Gharb al Maseehi’ (The Rise of Humanism in Classical Islam and the Christian West) by George Makdisi, published by Madarat for Research and Publishing in 2021>
  • Dr. Kassem Almekdad’s (Syria) translation from French into Arabic of ‘Ratha’il al Maarifa: Bahth fi al Ahkaam al Akhlaqiya al Fikriya’ (Les Vices du savoir: Essai d'éthique intellectuelle) by Pascal Engel, published by Ninawa Studies Publishing & Distribution in 2021.
  • Nawal Nasrallah’s (Iraq/USA) translation from Arabic into English of ‘Fadaalat al Ikhwan fi Tayibat al Ta’aam wal Alwan’ (Best of Delectable Foods and Dishes from Al-Andalus and Al-Maghrib: A Cookbook by Thirteenth-Century Andalusi Scholar Ibn Razin Al-Tujibi, 1227–1293) by Ibn Razin Al-Tajibi, published by Brill Publishing in 2021.

The shortlist for the Arab Culture in Other Languages category consists of eight titles, spanning the English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages: 

  • Revealed Sciences: The Natural Sciences in Islam in Seventeenth-Century Morocco by Justin K. Stearns (USA), issued by Cambridge University Press in 2021.
  • The Arabian Nights in Contemporary World Cultures: Global Commodification, Translation, and the Culture Industry by Dr. Muhsin J. Al-Musawi (Iraq/USA), issued by Cambridge University Press in 2021.
  • Avicenne - Prophétie et gouvernement du monde by Meryem Sebti (France), issued by Editions du Cerf in 2021.
  • L' Alhambra: à la croisée des histoires by Edhem Eldem (Turkey), issued by Les Belles Lettres in 2021.
  • Die Deutschen und der Orient. Faszination, Verachtung und die Widersprüche der Aufklärung by Joseph Croitoru (Germany), issued by Carl Hanser Verlag in 2018.
  • El perfume de la existencia: Sufismo y no-dualidad en Ibn Arabī de Murcia by Fernando Mora (Spain), issued by Almuzara in 2019.
  • Surrealismi Arabi 1938-1970: Il Surrealismo e la letteratura araba in Egitto, Siria e Libano by Arturo Monaco (Italy), issued by Istituto per l’Oriente C. A. Nallino in 2020.
  • Этимологический словарь древнеарабской лексики (на материале избранных текстов доисламской поэзии) (Etymologic Dictionary of Ancient Arabic (Based on the Material of Selected Texts of Pre-Islamic Poetry) by Anna Belova (Russia), issued by Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2016.

Meanwhile, the shortlist for the Publishing & Technology category features three candidates: the Internationale Jugendbibliothek (International Youth Library) in Munich, Germany; Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt; and Sindbad - Actes Sud Publishing in France.

The Award’s 16th edition saw the Translation category receive 148 nominations, the Arab Culture in Other Languages category 188 nominations, and the Publishing & Technology category 91 nominations.

Shortlists for the remaining categories will be announced in the coming weeks.