Representation of Arabic Voices and Topics in Academic Publishing

Date: March 9, 2021, 19:00 - 20:00
Location: Live Webinar on Zoom

How can the academic publishing community ensure that a wider range of Arabic voices and topics are better represented in their catalogues and in scholarly discourse? English is the dominant language of publication, which leaves less room for scholars working in and with the Arabic language.

In this discussion hosted by the Sheikh Zayed Book Award and Publishing Perspectives, three experts will discuss how we got to this point of English-language dominance and what can be done to elevate more Arabic scholars and topics in international discourse.

Main discussion points:
  • How can publishers ensure that Arabic scholars and subjects are represented in their catalogues? Beyond acquisitions, what other measures can publishers take to support scholars working with the Arabic language and in Arabic studies?
  • How can smaller academic publishers working in specialized areas (like Arabic studies) make sure their content is seen more globally, particularly when the larger publishers are using their resources to shift to open access?
  • How did English become the dominant language of scholarly publishing, and how we can broaden scholarly publication to include Arabic and other languages?
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