The ‘Cultural Personality of the Year’ Award Winner

Prof. Jikun is the author of the ‘History of Arabic Literature encyclopedia’, which comprises 1,140 pages in two volumes. He works in various capacities, including being Professor of Arabic Language at the University of Peking, the head of the Chinese Society for Arabic Literature Studies, Vice President of the Culture Committee at the China-Arab Friendship Association, a member of the Chinese Writers Association and honorary member of the Arab Writers Union. Prof. Jikun has also translated major works of iconic Arab novelists including Jibran Khalil Jibran, Naguib Mahfouz, and Ih’san Abdul Quddus.

In selecting Prof. Jikun for the Award, the series’ Advisory Council recognised his generous contribution over more than 50 years in rooting the Arabic language in the Far East, by teaching, translating and researching the region’s culture and literature. His translations and writing were judged to preserve the essence of Arab literature across continents, only wrapped in a different language.

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