The ‘Children’s Literature’ Award Winner

Qais Sedki is a children’s literature enthusiast and a manga art fanatic. In addition to his works in writing graphic novels for children he is also a professional publisher of his own work through Pageflip Publishing, an independent Dubai-based publishing house which he founded and manages, that focuses on producing original content classical Arabic graphic novels in traditional Japanese Manga format. Sedki holds a masters degree in business administration from the American University of Sharjah.

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The winning book provides an excellent introduction for children to Falconry as a well-known sport in the Gulf region since early generations. The book smartly employs this interesting topic to stress the deeply-rooted Arab Culture and heritage; The Arab virtues of family values, hospitality, respect for others and pride in traditions. The winner presented his story in the form of a comic book in cooperation with renowned Japanese Manga Artists, the manga team of Akira Himekawa who has been producing manga adaptations of the “Astro Boy” video games in addition to many other TV and video game productions.

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