The ‘Literature’ Award Winner

Ibrahim Abdelmeguid was born In Alexandria in 1946. He graduated from the faculty of Arts with a Philosophy degree before relocating to Cairo in 1974 where he commenced his career in literature. Abdelmeguid wrote more than 15 novels, five collections of short stories and theatre plays. He wrote numerous novels including ‘No One Sleeps in Alexandria’, ‘Birds of Amber’, and ‘The House of Jasmine’.

Abdelmeguid’s works have been well received around the world and have been translated to English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. He received numerous prizes and accolades including Naguib Mahfouz prize from AUC press in 1996 and the Prize of State in 2007 for his contributions to literature.

The book narrates the author’s experiences on which his novels were based and provides a creative view of the political, social and cultural contexts within which the books were written.

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