The ‘Children’s Literature’ Award Winner

Khalil Sweileh was born in 1959, in the city of Hasaka, Syria. In addition to writing, he is an active journalist. His portfolio includes multiple works in poetry including “Prefaces”; “That was the scene”; “Tracing the marks”, in addition to numerous novels; “Stationer of Love”; “Express Mail”; “The Gazelle will come to you”’ and “The Barbarians’ Paradise”. Sweileh won a number of literary and journalism awards, including The Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature for his Novel “Stationer of Love” (2009) and the Arab Journalism Award (2010).

The story is set in the animal kingdom, where a dinosaur is out on a mission to find his parallel among the rest of animals. Throughout his journey, he gets to know the differences between the animals, which finally lead him to find his connection with the giraffe, hence becoming the “dinoraf”, in a unique portrayal of the contemporary case of peaceful coexistence and mutual tolerance of cultural differences within the global society. The story is written in an aesthetic language that is beautiful, artistic & carefully crafted.

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