The ‘Young Author’ Award Winner

An Egyptian novelist and narrator, born in Cairo in 1978. He moved with his family to Kuwait in his early childhood, where he received his elementary and secondary education, until graduating from the international American school in 1996, achieving the top rank across all of GCC in ib. He moved back to Egypt to study architecture in American university in Cairo, and later continued his post-graduate studies in university of Edinburgh, Scotland. He has been active in creative writing since 2012, when he published his first work, a short stories collection entitled” the first of Abbas” during the Cairo book fair in 2013. He followed it with his first novel, “the last post” published in 2014 by Al Dar Al Masriah Al Lubnaniah. Al Qarmalawi published two more novels to date; “Destino” in 2015 and lastly “Amtar Sayfiyyah’ (summer rains)” which won him the Sheikh Zayed book award. Besides writing, he is an avid painter and a musician. He is married and has three sons.

The novel tackles the interrelations between the music and the soul, and the sublimity of the spirit versus covetousness. The work showed an extensive knowledge in music that creates a tangible setting of melodic notes transcending to that of the Sufism station (Maqaam).

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