Counting six works in “Literature” and “Fine Arts”

Sheikh Zayed Book Award reveals more titles from its longlist …
The Sheikh Zayed Book Award revealed today, December 28th, a total of 12 titles from its long list for its sixth session 2011/2012. The books announced are in “Literature” and “Fine Arts”; two of the Award’s nine diverse categories which are collectively worth seven million UAE dirhams.

The “Literature” titles included six novels; “The Tea of the Bride” by Maysaloon Hadi from Iraq (publishing by Dar Shorooq); “Yahya” by Samiha Ali Khrais from Jordan (publishing by Dar Thaqafa); “A Period of Oppression” by Hisham Saleh Abdallah from Jordan (publishing by Dar Aman); “Under the Moonlight” by Mohammed Gharnate from Morocco (publishing by Dar Bisan); “Bilan” by Mousa Abbas from Syria (publishing by Dar Bisan); in addition to one study by Abderrahim Ouhabi from Morocco about “Arabic Reading” (publishing by Modern Book World publishing). The “Literature” category received a total of 148 nominations, topping the rest of categories this Year.

The “Fine Arts” books were selected from 31 nominations, which include “Art and Eccentrics” by Dr. Shaker Abdel-Hamid from Egypt (published by General Egyptian Book Organization/ Al Osra Library); “Andalusian – Moroccan Music” (a Study) by Amin Chaachoo from Morocco (published by Dar Al Musara); “Orientalism in Arabic Architecture” (a Study) by Raed Arnaout from Jordan (published by Dar Al- Mamoon); “The Art and History of Muslims in Andalusia” by Mahmoud Youssef Khadir from Palestine (published by Dar Al Sowaidi); “Eastern Carpets” (a study) by Eyad and Hanan AbuShakra from Lebanon/U.K (published by Dar Al-Saqi); and “Theatrical Biographies” (3 volumes) by Roger Assaf from Lebanon (published by Dar al-Adab).

In the last couple of weeks, the award published its longlist in Four of its categories, Translation, Development of Nations, Children’s Literature and The Young Author. Winners are scheduled for announcement in February 2012, and the Award’s Presentation Ceremony, celebrating the winning achievements, will be held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions on 29th March next year.

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